3 CRE Strategies to Create Alpha in Turbulent Times

In the current era of uncertainty and fluctuating interest rates, it’s time for commercial real estate (CRE) professionals to not just survive but to truly thrive!  During our upcoming webinar hosted with Globe St., Thriving to ’25: Navigating Turbulent Times with Proactive Strategies in Commercial Real Estate, we’ll equip you with CRE strategies and insights that will not only help you navigate the market’s stormy waters but also propel you ahead of the curve.

Register for the webinar now! Or, read ahead for a sneak peak into the three CRE strategies we’ll highlight during the conversation.


CRE Strategy #1: Make Decisions with Artificial, Business, and Human Intelligence

When it comes to decision-making, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), and Human Intelligence (HI) insights combined can help you make intelligent decisions about your portfolio. AI and BI help by using data to find patterns and predict what might happen in the market. Human intelligence combines the efficiencies of technology with humans’ unique ability to sift, analyze, and extract the actionable data points to apply to their learnings. With this approach, decisions aren’t just based on artificially-generated numbers but also account for human knowledge and experience. 

The result of using AI, BI, and HI together: well-balanced data and targeted insights that you can use to make an educated next step in your asset and portfolio management.


CRE Strategy #2: Create and Execute OKRs for a Simple Game Plan

Companies like LinkedIn,Netflix, and even Walker Dunlop can attribute their success to OKRS.  OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) can help reset goals, refresh strategies, and align everyone across the organization. Without clearly outlined and documented OKRs, organizational leadership may face challenges in motivating teams to accomplish daily tasks, setting the standard across the organization, and moving the company forward.  

The result of creating OKRs: an organization that is aligned and set up to “thrive to 2025” and beyond.


CRE Strategy #3: Master Forecasting to Navigate Rising Interest Rates 

Over the last couple of years, the commercial real estate market has been characterized by unpredictability – the outcome of rising interest rates and cap rates, declining property values, and other factors.

For some owners/operators, the solution to navigating such market turbulence is to wait for interest rates to drop. However, this “solution” is really not that great of a plan. Instead, owners/operators can learn to forecast and understand forward rates. Forecasting can help you predict and understand market trends and manage debt more effectively. 

The result of mastering forecasting: a better understanding of interest rates and improved portfolio management.


This webinar is a must for CRE professionals, executives, and anyone looking to gain a competitive edge and learn new CRE strategies in these uncertain times. Join us to transform your approach and position your CRE business for future success.  Register for the webinar now for a deep dive into each of the three strategies!

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