Our track record speaks for itself.

20+ years of successful investments in real estate, capital markets, & technology.

Thirty Capital invests in promising entrepreneurs, syndicators, sponsors, and real estate organizations to accelerate their growth and gain efficiencies by leveraging the Thirty Capital platform.

Current Investments

At Thirty Capital, our commitment to corporate social responsibility is a cultural priority for our teams and the communities where we live and work.

Real Estate

R.J. Finlay & Co. is a full-service real estate and building materials firm whose diverse portfolio spans myriad companies and properties throughout the US. Our portfolio of companies is comprised of industry leaders that work seamlessly to deliver excellence in asset management, building materials, development, and project management.

Thirty Capital Realty Advisors

Thirty Capital Realty Advisors is Thirty Capital’s real estate investment fund.

Thirty Capital Ventures

Thirty Capital Ventures invests in promising, next-generation technology, services, & entrepreneurs to help accelerate their growth and nurture a vibrant future ecosystem.



EntityKeeper is a comprehensive compliance and entity management solution that provides compliance management, entity organization, and risk management through an award-winning technology platform and best-in-class corporate services.

The Academy of CRE Finance & Innovation

There is a growing gap between the experience within your team and the critical skills CRE professionals need to be successful.
With more than 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, we launched The Academy of CRE to provide CRE organizations the pragmatic educational opportunities to build timely and comprehensive skills your team needs to create success for your business.
prior Investments


IApartments is an enterprise-level smart apartments platform that turns ordinary apartments into intelligent apartments.

IApartment’s technology automates asset protection, access control, and operational efficiencies for multifamily property owners, managers, and their residents.

Rent Ready introduces a modern solution to an age-old apartment industry problem.

After a deep dive in the industry, Rent Ready discovered that the make ready process was disjointed, frustrating, and time-consuming. Onsite staff members were scheduling six different services with six different vendors – creating scheduling nightmares along with unexpected challenges and headaches. As a full-service partner for onsite apartment staff, Rent Ready handles the frustration between the move-out and move-in, as a single-source for all turn services: paint, clean, carpet, wall repair, punch, and counter/tub resurfacing.

Defiance Digital is a portfolio of cloud services that are built to scale and evolve with your business.

Designed to create a seamless cloud environment to serve as the foundation of a company’s development, Defiance Digital’s solutions can be mixed-and-matched based on business needs. Offerings include end-to-end migration and managed cloud services, managed cloud security and compliance services, and managed observability services.

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