Thirty Capital Forms Thirty Capital Performance Group and Acquires STATVAL


CHARLOTTE, N.C.Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Thirty Capital, an ecosystem of commercial real estate solutions, formed Thirty Capital Performance Group (TCPG) and acquired STATVAL™ to power the analytical and benchmarking components of the group’s offerings. STATVAL is a multifamily valuations platform developed by Webster Hughes, Ph.D. TCPG, powered by the analytical capabilities of STATVAL, provides multifamily stakeholders insights into asset performance to support situational awareness and informed, swift, strategic decision-making.


TCPG focuses on real estate advisory, asset management, and performance benchmarking. As demand for data analysts is increasing and talent is harder to find, TCPG provides a timely and efficient intelligence source. The group’s services include:

  • Full and shadow asset management
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Peer-to-peer benchmarking
  • Statistical property valuation and cap rate analysis
  • Data analyst and reporting services
  • Property manager benchmarking

Thirty Capital CEO and founder Robert J. Finlay led the creation of TCPG and the acquisition of STATVAL. An innovator in CRE, Finlay spent more than two decades building a portfolio of real property and securitized assets, a financial advisory and services firm, an academy for CRE finance and innovation, and numerous technology platforms for CRE. Finlay serves as CEO of TCPG.

“Understanding how a property is performing and where there’s opportunity to optimize is crucial to scaling a portfolio. The key to growth is performance data and deciding what it’s trying to tell us about our assets, the market, and what we need to do to protect and enhance returns. The Thirty Capital Performance Group and STATVAL are dedicated to providing that intel,” said Finlay.

The group was inspired by the challenges operators experience in validating assumptions regarding the cash flow and economics of multifamily assets under shifting market conditions, in addition to the difficulty and excessive expense of securing a credible third-party perspective.

TCPG’s multidisciplinary team was assembled to address these obstacles and render strategic support for multifamily owners, operators, property managers, asset managers, and mid-market and institutional investors. The addition of STATVAL to TCPG’s toolset allows the group to provide analytics and benchmarking with time and cost efficiency.

Hughes will act as Managing Director of Analytics and Economics for TCPG. Hughes earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics at Princeton and joined Salomon Brothers in 1986 to develop the first generation of valuation and risk models for CMBS. For the past decade, his work focused on Freddie Mac CMBS investments and the development of STATVAL.

The group’s leadership also includes:

  • Mark Runde, Managing Director of Real Estate, brings 20+ years in valuation, acquisitions/dispositions, financing, and asset/portfolio management experience. He formerly held executive positions at CW Capital and New Boston Fund.
  • Nicole Ellery, Director of Real Estate and Operations, has spent more than a decade leading large-scale real estate SaaS implementations. She previously served in sales and strategic management roles at OneDay, Entrata, and Pinnacle.
  • Angelo Mazzella, Managing Director of Business Development, developed and grew sports franchises in hockey, baseball, and arena football. Prior, he served as CEO of Mobile Shop and Head of Client Success for Thirty Capital.

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Thirty Capital is an ecosystem of client-centric software and data solutions in commercial real estate. The company’s portfolio of brands addresses the everyday challenges of property owners, investors, and managers by delivering practical, technology-driven solutions. Thirty Capital promotes the education and standardization of best practices in deploying and implementing consumable technology.

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